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Adela Molina Pays It Forward: 3/26

Adela Molina decided to Pay It Forward to her friend Diana Ovalle. Adela Molina decided to Pay It Forward to her friend Diana Ovalle.

Chilly rain and gusty winds made the weather a little soggy for this week's edition of Pay It Forward. We set up along Avenue Q near the intersection of 45th Street. Despite bad weather, it didn't take long for Adela Molina to show up.

Adela had not seen Pay It Forward before so we explained how Pay It Forward works. We asked her if she had $300 to give, who would she pick?

We told her that the two main rules are that:

1) It can't be a family member

2) You only have one hour to complete the payout

After explaining the rules, Adela knew who she wanted to pick right away. Adela and her daughter Briana knew a friend who had recently had ankle surgery and was unable to work. Adela chose Diana Ovalle to Pay It Forward to.

After a five minute drive into East Lubbock, we arrive at Diana's house. We set Adela up across the street and paid her the $300. We then proceeded to Adela's door where we completely surprised Diana whose foot was still wrapped in bandages from her recent surgery.

Diana couldn't believe it at first, but thought it was very cool that Adela chose her as this week's recipient. Adela expressed her gratitude by hugging everyone and thanked everyone who made it possible for her to make progress on her medical bills.

Adela said it felt good to help out a thoughtful friend who has done so much for others over the years.

Be on the lookout for our "Pay It Forward" sign soon. You may become our next playmaker!

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