Memphians hold vigil in Trayvon Martin's honor

Trayvon Martin, FL, Teen killed by neighborhood watch volunteer, photo courtesy: Martin family.
Trayvon Martin, FL, Teen killed by neighborhood watch volunteer, photo courtesy: Martin family.

(WMC-TV) – Thousands across the county have protested the perceived injustice in the Trayvon Martin case and that includes hundreds who gathered this evening at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.

The entire plaza under the balcony where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was killed was filled with people Monday.

On hallowed ground in downtown Memphis, hundreds gathered in the springtime sun as a nationwide conversation blossomed.

"I think it's wonderful how we all get together and support a real cause," said vigil participant Antonio Futch.

The shooting death of unarmed 17 year-old Trayvon Martin by a community watch volunteer in Florida prompted the vigil outside the National Civil Rights Museum.

"The symbolism and history here - that made us feel like that's confirmation that this is where we need to be and what we need to be doing," said vigil organizer Charisse Gooden.

People brought home-made signs, wore special T-shirts and reflected on the 17-year-old's death.

"As a young black man in America, this tragedy hits close to home," said Woody Jordan, who attended the vigil.

"It's important for white people to show they care because I have an African-American son who's gonna grow up to be a young black man," said Liz Phillips, a vigil participant.

Jasmine Holmes brought her dance class from Vance Middle School.

"They need to know what's going on in society right now," she said, the entire team dressed in hoodies and carrying bags of Skittles and cans of iced tea - the only items with which Martin was reportedly armed the night of his death.

The vigil included prayer, singing and speeches, all of which demanded justice for Trayvon and young people everywhere.

In addition to Monday's vigil, the Memphis chapters of the SCLC and Rainbow PUSH sent a resolution to lawmakers asking that deadly force laws be re-examined.

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