Former deputy arrested for DUI, again

(WMC-TV) – William Speight first made headlines when he was arrested for a DUI while working as a Shelby County Deputy. Since then he has resigned, but apparently he didn't stop drinking and driving.

Speight was arrested on February 20 for DUI. Five weeks later he was arrested for DUI in Bartlett.

Speight was busted the second time at the intersection of Memphis/Arlington Road and Highway 70 when, according to authorities, he was involved in a crash. They say he ran into the car in front of him.

Back in February, after his first DUI arrest, area residents didn't have a lot of sympathy for the man who until his resignation was assigned to the Homeland Security Unit.

However, this time, people had compassion towards a stranger they said appears to have a serious problem.

"We don't understand what kind of pressures he was under," said Josh Hatcher, a Bartlett resident. "We all make the decisions we are equipped to make."

Natalie May believes Speight should be punished just like any other citizen, but she isn't shocked.

"He's human. We all make mistakes," she said. "Two for the same thing. That's sad, but he doesn't walk on water."

Speight, 42, is charged with a series of crimes including public intoxication, reckless driving, failure to maintain control, driving under the influence and refusing to submit to a DUI test.

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