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Tens of thousands of bees removed from Midtown home

(WMC-TV) - Tens of thousands of bees infesting a Midtown Memphis home were saved due to a dwindling population worldwide.

"Well, they weren't paying rent, we'll put it that way," said homeowner Hamilton Smythe, III.  "They were uninvited guests."

Since flowers started blooming, the bees have swarmed the century old Central Gardens home.

"They estimate 40 to 60 thousand bees," said Smythe.  "Isn't that hard to imagine?  Forty to 60 thousand of anything."

A contractor working for Smythe's son happens to be an amateur beekeeper.  He was called upon to save the bees and harvest their honey.

The honeycomb collected from the house will be melted down for wax.  The bees will be taken to a farm in Mississippi.

A worker in a protective suit sealed up the bees' former home, while the hive into which the bees were vacuumed were loaded onto a pickup truck.

Scientists believe up to 30 percent of bee colonies worldwide have been destroyed in recent years, possibly due to an Asian fungus.

Up to a third of what all people eat is the result of bee pollination..

Contractors estimate the hive in Smythe's home was about four by four feet in size.  Several other homeowners with bees have already reached out to them as well.

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