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Memphis man charged with scamming car dealership

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis man was charged after two car dealerships recently found themselves in the middle of a car financing scheme to the tune of $71,000.

Less than a year after buying a 2011 Audi Q7 SUV, Cortney Bougard upgraded to a Land Rover without paying a thing as part of a simple scheme.

According to Memphis police, Bougard bought the Audi from Gossett Motors on Covington Pike in April of 2011.  In January, he took the Audi to CarMax on Highway 64 and gave them a forged letter that said he owned the vehicle outright.

There was actually a lien on the car by Audi Financial.

The letter CarMax was working from was faxed to them from a number that actually belonged to a rim company called Carter Custom.  The business was owned by the accused.

CarMax accepted the forged letter, confident there was not a lien on the car.  Action News 5 ran a check on the car's VIN number and found, just like CarMax did, that the system did not show a lien, even though there is one.

"Are you surprised?" asked Tom Meier with Victory Auto Sales.  "Not at all, people are constantly looking for ways to get over on somebody."

Meier said he can only guess the suspect may have learned of the lien mistake and decided to take advantage of it.

"People have come in over the years that my family has been in business, trying to sell a car that they had a lien on and they didn't own, period," said Meier.

There was a woman with Bougard during the entire process, but she has not been charged.

None of the car dealerships have been accused of doing anything wrong.  At this point, the lending company, Audi Financial, is taking the $71,000 loss.

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