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MY TURN: No sagging in Tennessee

Lee Meredith, WMC-TV general manager. Lee Meredith, WMC-TV general manager.

(WMC-TV) - It's pretty easy to complain about saggy pants.

Many people think they're a poor excuse for a fashion statement. Other people think they're disrespectful to the folks who have to walk behind someone wearing them, and still others think the end result is actually obscene.

So put to a popular vote, saggy pants would probably lose.

Still, you have to wonder if this is an issue of such a magnitude that it deserves legislative action.

That's the treatment it's getting in the state of Tennessee.

State lawmakers are close to passing a new law that would change the term fashion police from a comical expression to an actual job.

If it passes, the new law would require schools to prohibit students from wearing sagging pants and other risqué outfits, and to administer punishment to the students who get caught wearing the banned clothing.

I certainly want to make it clear that I don't like following behind a pair sagging pants any more than anyone else.

I do question if this is something that rises to the level of requiring a new state law.

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