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Mississippi grandmother fearful after racial slurs show up on door

(WMC-TV) - A Mississippi grandmother is worried for her life after a number of racist threats against her family.

Sylvia Tice and her family just moved to Ashland, Mississippi six months ago, but they're already looking to move after someone vandalized their home with racial slurs twice in the past week.

"She says mom you need to come here and look and when she opens the door I could see something was written on the door," Tice said.

Tice opened the door to find "N-word lover" written in what appeared to be lipstick on her front door.

"It upsets me, it hurts me," Tice cried.

Tice's grandson, Collin, is 8 months old and biracial.

"I don't consider my grandchild biracial, in my eyes he's not. He is a special little spirit sent from heavenly father to us to love," said Tice.

The family has no idea who would be after them in the small town they just moved to, but an investigator did come by the house to file a report.

"He said well I don't think it's nothing to be really concerned about," Tice recalled.

The family thought the harassment was over until they heard a loud bang on their window just after midnight on Thursday.

Tice called 911 and eventually went outside to look around.

"We find the note on the back door step," Tice said.

The contents of the note are too graphic to share, but it contained threats for family members to watch their backs and included more racial slurs.

"I don't know what might happen next," Tice continued. "A brick could be thrown through this window; one of my grand babies could get hurt."

As of late Thursday afternoon, Tice said no one from the small town police department had been by to read the note or investigate what she says happened Thursday morning.

Action News 5 called the mayor and someone in the office told me the town had no comment because it was an ongoing investigation.

So far none of our calls to the Ashland Police have been returned.

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