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Coming up tonight on Action News 5 at 10

Good evening from the Action News 5 newsroom.  Here's what we're working on for tonight at 10:

911 prank calls
Police say a man called 911 nearly three dozen times overnight to curse at dispatchers.  Jason Miles has details on this story, including the other crime he committed when officers arrived to arrest him.

Missing Marshall County man
Investigators are on the lookout for a missing Mississippi man last seen in Memphis.  Janice Broach has much more on this story.

No Mega Millions in Mississippi
Mid-Southerners are hoping to be millionaires by this time tomorrow with the Mega Millions jackpot, but Tennessee and Arkansas are reaping extra benefits.  Mississippi has no lottery, and Lindsey Brown will be live tonight to explain why.

Unmasked legacy
Nearly half a decade after the death of famed civil rights photographer Ernest C. Withers, his surviving family will face off in court tomorrow.  Only on Action News 5, his daughter breaks her silence about the family feud and addresses accusations her father doubled as an FBI informant.  Kontji Anthony has the interview, plus a look at the secret vault of photos at the center of the court clash.

Restaurant Scorecard
It's great when a local restaurant nails the high score of the week, but when two local restaurants tie for the high score, only Andy Wise can do them right in tonight's Restaurant Scorecard.

We'll have all these stories and much more, including Ron Childers with the latest forecast.  Plus, you can visit us at and like us on Facebook for news and updates anytime.

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