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3-year-old severely injured after falling off riding lawnmower

(WMC-TV) - A child was hospitalized after he was critically injured when he fell off a riding lawnmower Sunday.

Witness Otis Threlkeld described what happened moments after his stay at Cascade Motel on Highway 51 North was interrupted.

"I was in my room and I heard somebody hollering, 'Oh Lord, oh Lord,'" said Threlkeld.  "The child's grandfather was saying, 'Call 911, call 911.'"

Threlkeld sprang into action after he realized a three-year-old boy was suffering from a severe wound to his left arm after falling off a lawnmower.  911 dispatchers told Threlkeld what to do next.

"Told me to wrap it with a towel and to try to stop the bleeding, and not to raise it up," he said.

Authorities said the child's grandfather, Chester Ederds, was cutting grass at the motel with his two grandsons, ages three and four, sitting with him on the mower.

As Ederds maneuvered around a tree stump, the three-year-old fell from the mower.  His right arm went underneath the blades, causing a severe injury to his arm.

"Man, I ain't never seen inside nobody's arm, never," said Threlkeld.  "It was real gross to see all the muscles and stuff.  He was missing three fingers."

The child was transported to LeBonheur Children's Hospital in critical condition.

"It's just a horrible thing, man," said Threlkeld.  "A freak accident."

The child will reportedly undergo surgery to repair his damaged arm.

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