Student brought knife to school to peel apple, was suspended

(WMC-TV) - A Germantown High School student who claims a small knife brought to campus was for peeling an apple - now faces a year long suspension.

Also, the student in this case was issued a juvenile summons yesterday by police.

Police said the student told them the knife was brought to campus because he or she was going to use it to peel an apple for lunch.

The school district's "zero tolerance" policy prohibits any type of weapon, and punishment is automatic.

Many people disagree with this policy.

"I don't think it justifies being put out of school for a year - sounds a little harsh," said one grandparent, Thelma Greenberg.

A district spokesperson said no matter how the knife was intended to be used, it could have ended up in someone else's hands.

Meanwhile, the student can appeal the 180 day suspension.

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