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Mid-South couple busted for counterfeit cash

(WMC-TV) - While many might says it looks like a hundred dollar bill, and feels like a hundred dollar bill - then it must be a hundred dollar bill.

But in this situation, that's not the case.

A Mid-South couple was put in jail Tuesday for circulating counterfeit cash in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri.

The counterfeit culprits, Matthew and Jennifer Tarwater, are a husband and wife duo from Little Rock.

"It actually feels real and the reason it feels real is because the paper is real. It's the image that is fake," said Craighead County Investigator, Justin Rolland.

He said from there that blank paper was then used to copy the image of multiple fifty and hundred dollars bills.

"They were able to take a real one dollar bill and they were able to bleach the ink completely off this one dollar bill," he said.

"We contacted the secret service early due to the nature of the investigation."

A four day long undercover investigation ended with a counterfeit money sting at a local hotel, confiscating $1,800 in counterfeit money and equipment used for manufacturing the bills.

Both suspects were arrested on 18 counts of forgery in the first degree.

The printed bills are suspected to be circulating across Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

And because the money was printed on real currency paper, Rolland says businesses might not realize they're counterfeit.

"Through the course of the investigation we learned that the counterfeit pens that are used by a lot of businesses may not necessarily work in these types of bills," Rolland said.

He wants to alert businesses to examine larger bills.

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