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Rep. Curry Todd explains cancer, ability to serve

(WMC-TV) Representative Curry Todd of Collierville explained his diagnosis Tuesday evening and why he waited to make it public.
"I have macro globulin anemia, it's a very rare form of cancer," he said.

Todd first alluded to the incurable disease informing it attacks a type of white blood cell.

He informed colleagues about his condition during a House Commerce Committee hearing on a proposal to require insurance companies to pay for oral chemotherapy treatments.

Todd said he needed to make a statement about his personal health, as many audience members had cancer.

He said he was first diagnosed four and a half years ago, but only told family and close friends until now.

"I wanted people to know there are people who care, especially those with cancer - it's a very deadly disease," Todd said.

News of Todd's cancer comes days after his long-term disability from the city of Memphis that recalled pending further review - and months after his arrest for driving drunk in Nashville with a loaded gun in the car.

He said his health crisis is under control,and that he is likely to die with the cancer, not from it.

"I got grandkids - 2,4, and 6 - and I plan on dancing at their wedding," he said.

Todd said he is in the first stage of a four stage cancer, and that his diagnosis does not affect his ability to serve.

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