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Fireman claims abuse in station, has evidence for proof

(WMC-TV) - Lieutenant Reginald Davis claims he was wrongfully attacked - he, along with his attorney, said the fire department is guilty of a cover up and they now have the evidence to prove it.

"I was assaulted verbally and physically by 101," Lieutenant Davis said.

Attorney Brenda Oats-Williams said an audio recording will help her prove what happened the day Memphis Deputy Fire Chief Darrell Peyton allegedly attacked her client, Lieutenant Reginald Davis.

Davis was at the airport fire station and he didn't like what he saw, he said firefighters there needed more training.

"That's when he started contacting the command staff saying what's going on here. Why am I here.  I'm not qualified or certified to be out here, and I got all this crew that's not qualified or trained either," Oats-Williams said.  

Deputy Chief Daryl Payton went to talk with Lieutenant Davis, that's when he claims this shouting match between the two firefighters was recorded.

Lt. Davis' voice is clear on the recording caught on tape - but it is difficult to make out the second voice.

The conversation was recorded by an internal 9-1-1, it is called an alarm station.

"It's like a regular 9-1-1.  Anytime you pick that phone up from any fire station, it starts recording," Oats-Williams said.  

According to this police incident report - on June 5, 2011 - Darrell Peyton cursed at Lt. Davis.

Peyton proceeded to tackle him to the floor and then attempted to restrain him physically, in efforts to prevent him from leaving the fire station.

"There was an internal and external investigation. We have confirmed no merit to the allegations. The administration has reason to believe Lt. Davis' account of what happened is fabricated," said Lieutenant Wayne Cook, spokesman for the Memphis Fire Department, in a statement.

Deputy chief Darrell Peyton was cleared of any wrongdoing, and was not available for comment.

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