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Man accused of repeatedly stealing coach’s debit card

Christopher Williams, photo courtesy the Shelby County Jail. Christopher Williams, photo courtesy the Shelby County Jail.

(WMC-TV) – It's a case of theft that led to identity theft.

Over the course of several months, a local coach had his card repeatedly stolen and replaced without his knowledge.

He lost thousands of dollars before the scheme was uncovered.

Christopher Williams is charged with stealing a debit card from the full-time boys track coach at Overton High School.

An affidavit of complaint describes Williams as a "volunteer coach" at Overton. But a Memphis City Schools spokesperson said he's nothing of the sort and has no official connection to Overton High.

An MCS spokesperson described him as a fan or friend of the full-time coach rather than a volunteer.

Either way, the full-time boys track coach's car was parked on campus when police say Williams snuck in, snatched the coach's debit card and took it on spending sprees.

When he was done using it, police say he'd sneak back in and put the card back where it belonged before the coach knew it was gone.

Investigators say Williams used the card without permission several times and racked up $3,308.80 in expenses.

He was caught on surveillance video using the coach's card to make an unauthorized ATM withdrawal at a Walgreens about a mile from the school.

The man who answered the door at Williams' listed address identified himself as "Mr. Williams."

However, he declined an interview and denied knowledge of the situation.

Jail records show Christopher Williams is still locked up on $6,000 bond, a little less than twice what he's accused of stealing from the track coach at Overton High.

Police say Williams admitted to the theft.

Court records show he has a history of misdemeanor arrests, but every previous case against him has been dropped.

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