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New Covington police chief promises to stomp out crime

(WMC-TV) – Covington has a new top cop and he says he's determined to run criminals out of his city.

Captain Cavat Bass has been riding the streets of Covington for nearly twenty-two years.

After two recent murders in this small town, Bass says his job is now more important than ever.

Residents like Joe Green agree.

"Let them know they ain't no mean image, they ain't bad, they want to help, communicate with them," Green says.

Bass and others on the Covington Police Department are now hitting the streets more frequently.

A strong police presence is something new police chief Tim Glass believes will cut down on crime.

"Instead of having four officers on the street, I'm running ten from 4PM to midnight," Glass says.

Chief Glass feels like there's been a breakdown in communication and trust between Covington police and residents.

He hopes that by putting more officers on the streets during high crime times, residents will once again learn to trust his officers and the department.

"Gangs have been an issue for years, we've just put it on the back burner but yeah I think we have a problem," Glass continues.

In addition, the new chief is hoping to increase neighborhood watch programs in the city.

He also plans to increase arrests for those involved in drugs and gangs.

"My plan is to put more officers out on the streets, communicating with the public, trying to earn their trust and gain their respect," says Glass.

Covington's new chief says he's determined to make a difference on the streets of Covington.

He wants to get those involved in any crime off the streets and in jail.

Covington residents now have a new number to call that rings directly to a police supervisor, on duty and on the streets. That number is 901-201-7573.

Residents can call that number at any hour of the day if they see any kind of criminal activity.

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