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Ask Andy: Drug Prices App

(WMC TV) -  Thanks to consumer advocate Clark Howard of the Clark Howard show based in Atlanta (, I found a great smart phone app for comparing prices on your prescription drugs:  Lowest Med.

The free app on both the iPhone and the Android lets you enter a drug's name, then Lowest Med will instantly shop the pharmacies in your area for the lowest price on that prescription by volume or dosage.

"A pharmaceutical company may have a deal with a particular pharmacy based on volume that could make your (drug) a lot cheaper at one place vs. the pharmacy where you normally go," said Howard. "This app gives you the opportunity to see the best deal on your prescription."

Lowest Med also has an "Alternatives" button. Press it, and it pulls up alternative drug options, including generics, for your prescription.

I loaded Lowest Med on my iPhone and tried it with a specific dosage of the Alzheimer's medication Aricept. It initially found the lowest price around $300 at a local Wal-Mart (price is before any drug benefit is applied).

Then I punched the "Alternatives" button. Lowest Med found a generic for less than $12 at the same Wal-Mart!

Lowest Med also carries its own "discount card." Show the "discount card" screen to the recommended pharmacy, and it might knock the price down even further.

Howard also recommends trying this:  print out the list of $4 generic medications from all of the retail pharmacies, like Wal-Mart, Kroger and Target. Show the list to your doctor. If the list includes a generic or other cheaper alternative for your medication, ask your doctor to prescribe that one.

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