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YOUR TURN: She supports the police

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Lee Meredith, WMC-TV general manager. Lee Meredith, WMC-TV general manager.

(WMC-TV) - This week's "Your Turn" segment comes from the Action News 5 Facebook page where people were debating the story about the Memphis man who received a ticket for parking in a way that obstructed his own mailbox.

He complained because the Memphis Police officer wrote the ticket in the middle of the night when the Postal Service would not be working.

The incident touched off a heated debate online with people supporting and opposing the officer's action. We chose a supportive letter from Heather Pfeil. In her words:

"Stories like this add fuel to the fire when it comes to MPD versus citizens. They complain when the police are writing tickets. They complain when they don't write tickets. No one is ever happy. To the officer who is being criticized, thank you for doing your job. For the ones who go online to criticize our police officers, go back to your desk jobs where people don't point guns at you and the most dangerous thing that could happen is that you get a paper cut."

That's Heather Pfeil's turn. Now it's your turn. To comment on this segment or anything else, email or call 800-465-1210.

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