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Removal of word "God" from patriotic song sparks controversy

(WMC-TV) - Some parents were not happy when they learned their children were expected to sing an altered version of Lee Greenwood's patriotic classic "God Bless the U.S.A." at an upcoming school assembly in Massachusetts.

The superintendent of the Massachusetts elementary school tried to change the lyrics.  Fourth grade students were taught to sing the lyrics "We love the U.S.A."

"It kind of feels like it's one step closer to obliterating God altogether," said parent Vanessa Becker.

So many parents complained that the song was dropped from the program.

Greenwood issued a statement saying God was the most important word in the song.  Thursday afternoon, the school's superintendent put the song back in the program in its original form.

Students were given the option to sing or not to sing the word that sparked the controversy.

The school district ruled the use of the word God is acceptable in patriotic songs.  They apologized for attempting to make the change, saying it was not intended to be disrespectful.

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