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Haslam hits media coverage of 'crazy' issues

(WMC-TV) - Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam said he wants to take the focus off of so-called "crazy" issues moving though the General Assembly.  Instead of putting the blame on lawmakers, he is putting it on the media.

Haslam said in part, "I will blame them when the media says, 'We can do a better job with being substantive about issue coverage.'"

Democratic representative Jeanne Richardson of Memphis said that is nonsense.

"The media has nothing to do with it," said Richardson.  "It's that the stuff is really crazy and people really notice it, people pay attention."

The legislation both Haslam and Richardson are talking about includes students and sagging pants, the "don't say gay" bill, the ability to have funs in workplace parking lots, and teaching evolution in schools.

Loistine Dupree of Bolivar said she could not care less about these issues.

"Some things they are up there fighting for, I'm like, well really that's not important for you right now," said Dupree.  "But that's the legislature, that's politics for you."

Dupree said she wants lawmakers to focus more on education and healthcare.

Haslam said those issues are being discussed, but the media only reports on the sensational stories.

Richardson disagreed and said it is the reality of what is going on in Nashville.

"Problem is when we do that, we aren't talking about the real things that affect the people in our communities," she said.  "I mean, there is so much we need to do in Tennessee."

Richardson said the house also spends a lot of time passing resolutions that are sent to Washington and meant to serve as a message.  She called them meaningless and often a waste of time that could be spent on other issues.

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