Several families displaced after Easter morning apartment fire

(WMC-TV) - A fire broke out at the Monterro Park Apartments off Winchester Road in Whitehaven early Sunday morning.

Witnesses said the fire spread quickly through the upper floors of several units.

"Everybody had to run out of my house once it spread, and two of my sons had to jump over the balcony," said fire victim Latosha Fox.

When firefighters arrived, they found the blaze well involved.

"When our crews got on the scene, we had heavy smoke coming from the upstairs apartment," said Keith Staples with the Memphis Fire Department.

Fox said the fire started a couple of doors down from her in her sister's apartment and then moved fast.  Just before the blaze broke out, the women and their children were all in Fox's apartment putting on clothes they planned to wear to church on Easter.

"My kids don't have any shoes, clothes," said Fox.  "We're all out here with nothing on.  We ran out the best way we could.  We lost everything."

She said no one was in her sister's apartment when the fire started.  Fox blamed faulty light sockets.

"I mean, my sister's been complaining about the sockets," said Fox.  "They're always sparking outside.  They're supposed to come and fix it, but nobody fixed it yet."

While investigators work to determine the cause of the fire, Fox and other residents are spending Easter wondering where they are going to live.

"Right now, it appears that approximately eight adults and 15 children are displaced," said Staples.  "We have contacted the Red Cross to get assistance."

The official cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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