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Ask Andy: Employment Agency Scams

(WMC-TV) - Employment agencies, for both temporary and full-time jobs, are advertising big time. 

Some may just help you resurrect your career or start a new one.

Other employment agency ads are flashing, blaring signs of a scam. These are the dead give-away's:

* GUARANTEED JOB PLACEMENT OR INCOME. No employment agency can "guarantee" you will even get a job, much less how much you'll get paid.

* UP-FRONT FEES. Even if the agency promises a refund of these fees if you don't get hired, don't pay them. If the agency's demanding up-front fees, government regulators say it's a scam.

* ADS DISGUISED AS "CLASSIFIED ADS." Scam employment agencies will often place ads made to look as if they were placed by the actual employer. Confirm that the ad is really from the employer, not a third-party or temp agency. If not, the agency's trying to mislead you.

* CLAIMS OF "PREVIOUSLY UNDISCLOSED" GOVERNMENT JOBS. The government isn't keeping any public sector jobs a secret. All FEDERAL jobs are disclosed to the public at

Once you are certain you are dealing with a legitimate employment agency, get a copy of the contract. Review it or consider having a lawyer look it over before you sign it.

Check the agency's reputation with the Better Business Bureau ( and the Federal Trade Commission (

The FTC has the authority to bring the hammer down on any so-called "job agency" who may be ripping off the jobless.  

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