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Beating of Memphis student caught on camera

(WMC-TV) - A pregnant girl was beaten Monday in a massive fight between students that was caught on camera.

Around 2:30 Monday afternoon, moments after dismissal, a large fight between students broke out one block from Trezevant High School.

"To me, I got jumped," said Jakevia Woodson.

Woodson has cuts and bruises on her face.  She said she was walking down the street with her best friend when a group of students ran at them and attacked.

"It was very violent for me.  I was scared for my life," she said.  "What if my sister wasn't there?  What if my best friend wasn't there"  I could've been there in street, dead."

Her sister, LaPresha Woodson, witnessed what happened and was punched in the eye when she jumped in to help her sister.

"I haven't had any sleep, nothing," said LaPresha Woodson.  "I've just been really stressed out.  I feel like this has been a very stressful situation for me and my family."

The Woodson's said this violent episode, which was caught on camera and posted on YouTube and Facebook, is rooted in an ongoing squabble that has been playing out on the Internet and on campus.

Their mother, Patricia Woodson, met with school officials Tuesday to request their intervention.

"Honestly, he said there wasn't really nothing they could do about it, so I just withdrawed my daughter," said Patricia Woodson.  "I'm pretty afraid, scared for her, that many kids jumping on her.  I'm scared to send her back to school so I withdrawed her today."

Wednesday, the Woodsons were on their way to sign arrest warrants against some of the people involved in the fight.

"Me honestly, I just say they need to get taken care of the proper way before it ends up the wrong way," said LaPresha Woodson.

Several teens and adults could face criminal charges in this case.  Memphis police and Memphis City Schools are investigating.

School administrators said they met with several students before the fight and warned them to calm down.  Now, MCS said it is working with police on this case and will deliver any discipline deemed necessary.

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