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Testimony continues in new trial for convicted cop killer

(WMC-TV) - Timothy McKinney hopes a new trial is his ticket off of Tennessee's death row and ultimately, freedom.

McKinney said quietly in court Wednesday for day two of his new trial while his defense attorneys tried to discredit a witness to a 15-year-old homicide.

Attorney Gerald Skahan used an eyewitness' own statements to call her memory of the murder of a Memphis police officer into question.

Witness Joy Jeltz recovered during the redirect, still reading from her own statements.

"He just shot point blank in the back of his head," said Jeltz.  "The officer just fell back and fell onto the ground, and I saw the blood."

Jeltz said she was standing just five feet away from the shooter and the victim.

McKinney was convicted of murdering Memphis police officer Don Williams in December of 1997.  An appeals court granted McKinney a new trial last year.

Defense attorneys maintain no physical evidence links McKinney to the murder.

Court resumes Wednesday.

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