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Tanning salon owner admits secretly filming women

Joseph Layland, photo courtesy Dunklin County Jail. Joseph Layland, photo courtesy Dunklin County Jail.

(WMC-TV) – Victims who were taped while they tanned are speaking out after they learned the tanning salon owner they once trusted pleaded guilty to secretly filming dozens of women.

Joseph Layland will spend 14 years behind bars. His victims in Dunklin County, MO, say that begins to make up for the emotional pain of being spied on and recorded.

Police say a woman, who we're going to call "Stacey" because she doesn't want her identity revealed, is a hero for dozens of women and teenagers like her.

"(I was) sitting in the bed thinking something isn't right here," said "Stacey."

Her good eyes spotted the hidden eyes of Joseph Layland, co-owner of DJ's Tan and Tone.

"I noticed there was a hole at the foot of the bed," she said.

"Stacey" found a hole with a camera behind it inside a room that police say Layland only let certain women tan in.

She went straight to the police and less than 24 hours later authorities shut the business down and contacted hundreds of other potential victims.

"Some of the comments he would say would make me think I should've known he wasn't my friend," said Angela, another alleged victim. "He'd make nasty - comments that were just nasty."

The case hit home for nearly everyone in the small community. Even Police Chief Jarrett Bullock found himself affected.

"My wife's name was on that list. She had tanned there," he said. "This was the kind of case where we were going to do our job, to go above and beyond, but also maintain the victims' dignity."

Authorities say they weren't surprised Layland pleaded guilty to child pornography and invasion of privacy charges, after all, he had 12 hours of video and 1,800 Internet downloads stacked against him

Victims say they're glad no one else will have to go through the emotional pain they've experienced.

Layland received a 14 year sentence, but prosecutors say more charges could come.

Dunklin County, MO, prosecutors say they turned over quite a bit of evidence to the U.S. Attorney's Office to consider additional federal charges.

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