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Ole Miss police looking for iPhone burglar

(WMC-TV) - Ole Miss police are looking for a suspect who ripped iPhones from student's hands on campus.

The first incident happened on Monday night near Kincannon Hall and the second near the Overby Center on Wednesday night.

As a freshman tried to swipe into his residence hall, it was another swipe that put campus investigators on alert.

"This is the first time I've ever dealt with somebody snatching someone's phone out of their hand while they're walking with it," said campus investigator Jeremy Cook.

Campus police arrested Anthony Jones, also a resident of Kincannon Hall and charged him with a felony count of grand larceny.

"We brought him in, we talked to him, and he admitted to the crime," Cook said.

Cook believed the incidents were separate and said Wednesday's happened on the other side of campus.

"They were just shocked someone came up from behind them and ripped their phone," he said.

Students couldn't believe it.

"This is one of the safest schools in the country," said Walker Davis.

Junior Gage Roth said he normally doesn't walk around with his phone out.

"I always keep it in my front right pocket along with my wallet too. I never put anything in my back pockets," Roth said.

Campus officials scrambled to make sure students were on the lookout. Information was posted on their Facebook page and students reported getting an alert through email.

"They sent out an email to warn all the students to watch your cell phone, wallet, and stuff like that. I don't know it's kind of scary," said Davis.

Investigators don't believe students are in immediate danger, but encourage them to be always be vigilant.

"Be visual at all times and don't walk through campus talking on your cell phone, keep it in your pocket," Cook said.

If you know anything that can help, call campus police at (662)-915-7234.

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