Whitehaven area is making a comeback

Written by: Donna Davis

"I think people are excited to see some activity. And I know I have gotten questions, numerous questions about what's happening over at Whitehaven Plaza ." What's happening is construction on a brand new McDonald's. According to the company that owns the franchise; their business is just the beginning. "We like to think of Whitehaven Plaza as half full and we're just gonna help fill it up. The future is great for this shopping center and for the whole community." said Steve Lykins with Century Management. Finard and Company has owned Whitehaven Plaza for the last 15 years. When they bought it, the shopping center was faltering. Businesses were taking flight for the suburbs. Then, a few years ago, Finard took stock. "What we did was we drove around and investigated the area. And we saw that these neighborhoods are well kept, they're manicured. The homes are in good shape. And these people care about their community, and that lead us to say let's support them in that." said Rick Smith with Finard & Company. One of the first businesses on board was Century Management, who wanted to move and expand their McDonald's restaurant. "Whitehaven really has been a good market for us, and we think it's worth investing more dollars in. And having a better site for the families in this area." Now, Blockbuster plans to build next to McDonald's; and an upscale coffee shop is already on its way. Finard is also courting a major home improvement chain, a grocery store and even a movie theater. "We have a 35-acre investment in the community. And so if the community wins, we win. And that's what we desire, a win-win situation."