Ride In Style With Rainier

Like the mountain that inspired its name, Rainier has a presence all its own. From its chrome accents and gracefully curved bodywork to its substantial performance capabilities and well-appointed interior, Rainier is proof that power and luxury can come together in one extraordinary SUV. The peaceful, powerful Rainier. It's a brand-new Buick.

Rainier's exclusive QuietTuning process uses acoustic materials, treatments and products specifically designed to achieve impressive levels of interior quietness. An acoustic laminate windshield, laminated front side-door glass and special quiet-tread tires work together with 26 strategically positioned acoustic absorbers and seals to help prevent exterior noise from reaching the cabin. Engineers also separated the specific vibration frequencies of the instrument panel, chassis and engine to prevent sympathetic vibration reactions. Noise is even further reduced by a modular cockpit design that virtually eliminates instrument panel squeaks and rattles. The result of it all is an uncommonly quiet vehicle.

A masterwork of modern engineering, Rainier's available 5300 V8 engine features cast aluminum components that save weight while helping to provide the strength to generate class-leading power. Capable of delivering 290 hp and 325 lb-ft torque, Rainier's V8 gives you the ability to haul or tow up to 6700 lbs (when equipped with 2wd/3.73 axle) and still have enough power in reserve to pass and maneuver with confidence. In addition, Rainier's electronic throttle control utilizes sensors and computers to deliver the correct rate of fuel for precise throttle response and improved reliability.

Rainier's available Bose 275 watt premium sound system features a six-disc in-dash CD changer and six speakers driven by six equalized and optimized amplifiers. Available XM® Satellite radio offers 100 different music/news/sports/talk/comedy formats in CD quality digital sound throughout the contiguous 48 states*. Featuring a flip-down 7-inch liquid crystal screen, wireless headphones and remote control, Rainier's available rear-seat DVD system plays studio quality audio/video in both CD-audio and DVD formats. It also includes video and audio RCA jacks for camcorder playback, ports for complete gaming capability, and a parental control switch for stopping play and muting sound.

Using global positioning satellites and a hands-free wireless phone, OnStar provides a communications link and seamless integration into Rainier's electrical system. OnStar Advisors can offer a number of safety, security and convenience services twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. Depending on the subscription chosen, these services can include: directing roadside assistance to you should your car become disabled or run out of gas, sending a signal to your Rainier to unlock the doors if you are locked out, and automatically directing emergency service providers to your exact location if you require help when your air bags have been activated. OnStar with a 1 year Safe and Sound Service Agreement is standard on every Rainier.