Thousands of dollars in Polo shirts stolen from Oak Court Mall

(WMC-TV) – Memphis police are looking for two suspects who were caught on camera stealing armfuls of expensive clothes from a Memphis mall.

Monday morning at the Dillard's inside the Oak Court Mall, police say two men stole approximately $7,000 in Polo apparel.

"If you go in the store, a collared shirt is going to be like 60 bucks," said Marcus Johnson, a Memphian and fan of the Polo brand. "But on the streets, it's going to be like half price. So on the streets it's going to be like 30 bucks."

Dillard's security cameras captured the thieves as they casually walked in the front door and grabbed the Polo merchandise.

Shoplifting is a big problem at the Oak Court Mall. There are more than a dozen recent Memphis police incident reports on thefts at the mall.

Johnson said he buys his Polo clothes legally from department stores. However, he also said the street sales of Polo merchandise are common, even though most people won't admit it.

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