Midtowners falling victim to lunchtime robberies

(WMC-TV) - You might think most street crimes are more likely to happen after dark, but a recent and unexpected encounter in Midtown happened around lunchtime, while the victims were simply walking down the street.

Abe Powell still walks to and from work in Midtown, including trips home from lunch, but he doesn't carry anything valuable on him.

Not since a carload of crooks robbed him around 11:30 in the morning two Tuesdays ago.

"Told me, to give them everything and I just threw everything on the ground and let them have it," he said.

Powell saw their faces, but only remembers one thing.

"I was looking at their guns the whole time," he said.

Powell said the robbers escaped down an alley at the east end of Vinton Avenue.

Three hours later Memphis Police believe the same three men robbed a young lady walking home from school near Peabody and Rozelle about two miles away.  

According to a police report, the robbers pulled out in front of her, blocking her way until one of them pointed a gun at her.

The crooks never even got out of their car, but got away with the woman's purse and cell phone.

"I mean, I work for a living - I don't understand why other people have to take what everybody else works hard for," said neighbor Suzanne Garverick, who walks the same streets daily with her dog.

Powell was afraid to walk for a couple of days, but refuses to let the bad guys win.

"I pray to God it never happens again, but, you know, you never know," he said

A dark gray late-model Toyota Camry was the type of car the three suspects drove during both robberies.

Police say it is possible the trio may be responsible for similar crimes in other parts of the city.

Call Crimestoppers at 901-528-CASH with any information.
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