State auditor vows to recover taxpayer money from Davis

(WMC-TV) - For the first time, the Mississippi State Auditor talked on camera about the investigation into Southaven Mayor Greg Davis's spending.

Mississippi State Auditor Stacey Pickering is trying to recoup the remaining $63,000 Davis owes the state through a bond taken out on Davis as an elected official.

"At this point we're dealing with him through his attorney," Pickering said.

Pickering is on a mission for Mississippi taxpayers.

"It doesn't matter whether its $700, $7,000, $70,000 or $170,000, it's the taxpayers' money and we're going to hold these individuals responsible," said Pickering.

Southaven aldermen recently reviewed spending Mayor Greg Davis made on city credit cards and found $6,000 they couldn't vouch for.

"We're still very early in this at this point in time," Pickering cautioned.

The state auditor is also looking into money Davis was reimbursed for mileage on his personal car.

Davis has already paid back around $96,000 to the state, but the investigation questions $170,000 of his spending.

Pickering said his office is working closely with authorities on the criminal side of the Davis investigation.

"I can comment on the civil side because we have taken action in that arena and it's been very public," Pickering continued. "The criminal side - I am not at liberty to have any conversations on because it is an ongoing investigation."

According to Pickering, the investigation into Davis isn't that different than the number of other cases he works on, but it comes to the forefront because of Southaven's size.

"You're dealing with 3rd largest city in the state of Mississippi. One of the fastest growing cities in the southeast is Southaven, so it's been kind of a crown jewel of growth, of prosperity, and then to see all this take place it makes it a bigger profile story," Pickering said.

Though the next steps may take time, Pickering vowed to recover every cent of misspent taxpayer money.

Davis has maintained that he did nothing illegal.

A message left with Davis' office and an email to the mayor weren't returned as of late Wednesday.

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