Cyber criminals get personal by going corporate

(WMC-TV) - Cyber hackers are finding new ways to gain access to your account and your money.  Instead of getting your information directly, they are now going after your bank.

Despite increased awareness of cybercrime, cyber attacks continue to plague companies in the Mid-South and greater Memphis area.

Rick Harlow, an agent with the Secret Service Memphis, says with more and more companies like banks relying on the Internet to do business, the frequency of cybercrime is on the rise.

"As everyone gets in the Internet and used the convenience of that, Internet banking and debit and credit cards and such is becoming a prime target for theft of information and dollars," Harlow explained.

The attacks can include stealing an organization's intellectual property, or gaining access to online bank accounts.

"We are seeing some banks being attacked over the Internet where their firewalls are being tested in an effort to steal credit and debit card information or account information for that matter, said Harlow.

He says companies must also protect their confidential business information.

"The proprietary information of businesses can range from secret recipes to really important codes or computer programs or designs of equipment materials," he explained.

Harlow agrees the financial impact of cybercrimes can be devastating. That is why he urges companies and consumers to remain on guard.

"It's very important for individuals to make sure they have strong firewalls, strong antiviral software on their computers and use extremely good passwords for any sites that involve their financial information."

Harlow suggests companies put policies and procedures in place to protect access to sensitive data.

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