Inmate accused of smuggling cell phone into cell to use Facebook

Martez Wright / Courtesy of Shelby County
Martez Wright / Courtesy of Shelby County

(WMC-TV) – An inmate behind bars for aggravated burglary and theft, will face additional charges after being caught smuggling a cell phone into his prison cell to post messages to his Facebook page.

The Shelby County Corrections Center director received a tip that Martez Wright's Facebook page was active, which launched the investigation.

"For the past couple of days, we've had Wright and many others under observation to see who else might be involved in the scheme," said James Coleman, the correction center's director.

The investigation uncovered that Wright has two Facebook pages. One was started in February, and the second was built in early April. The last entry was made on Thursday afternoon.

How he was able to use the cellular phone is still being investigated.

"We're interviewing all officers and staff in Wright's cellblock. We have strict policies and procedures about contraband and the proper monitoring of inmates," said Coleman. "I'm pleased our staff took quick action. However, I'm very concerned. Those who do not follow policies and procedures face disciplinary action or possible termination."

Investigators found the cell phone and cigarettes in Wright's cell. Other inmate housing units are being searched as well.

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