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Southaven Mayor Greg Davis one-on-one
The dollars don't lie, and Southaven Mayor Greg Davis said he's still running a thriving city despite his recent woes.  At 10, Davis talks one-on-one with Jason Miles about the silver lining to the scandal.

"Lawnmower Boys"
A group of Arkansas high school seniors are paying the price for a senior prank involving lawnmowers.  Some say the punishment cuts too deep into the boys' senior year.  Janice Broach will have all the details on this story tonight.

Remembering Andrew Love
The Mid-South is celebrating the life Andrew Love, a member of the Memphis Horns and a true music legend.  Jerica Phillips will show you that while you may not have known his name, you certainly knew his sound.

We'll have all these stories and much more, including Dave Brown with the weekend forecast and Jarvis Greer with Friday Sports Extra.  Plus, you can visit and like us on Facebook for news and updates anytime.

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