Davis says Southaven thriving despite scandal

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis
Southaven Mayor Greg Davis

(WMC-TV) - Even amid a scandal that could result in criminal charges, Southaven Mayor Greg Davis said the city's finances could not be better.

"Things are still growing, we're still continuing to prosper," said Davis.  "We're on course to be about a million dollars ahead of where we budgeted for."

Davis said sales tax collections over the last six months have been the highest in city's history.

"We're about $566,000 ahead of where we were last year," said Davis.

Action News 5 spoke with Davis at Springfest at the Southaven Towne Center Friday.

"I just think people have become more comfortable where they are and have made adjustments through the economic times we've had," said Davis.  "Getting more comfortable spending what they need to."

Davis is accused of spending much more than he needed before the state auditor and the FBI opened investigations into alleged misuse of city money.

Davis said he believes the dollars do not lie when it comes to his job performance.

"To see the dollars back kind of proves we've been able to maintain that status despite what others may be saying what's going on," he said.

Critics who have called for Davis' resignation believe the rise in revenue has little to do with Davis and likely would have happened regardless of who was in charge.

"You don't really know for sure," said Davis.  "We don't know."

Overall, Davis said he is delighted.

"It's been a good past few months," he said.

The mayor said retail sales will rise even more when a new outlet mall is completed.  He said it means less reliance on property taxes.

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