Memphis residents take their clean-up efforts door -to- door

"We'll go all the way down to LaPaloma." Patricia Duncan Harrison spent her Saturday walking through the Glenview Historic District with a neighbor. "It's just another day's job that I feel that I can accomplish something. So I'm gonna start on the other side of the street." Her job is to blanket the community with brochures; telling her neighbors how to spot code violations. "The neighborhood is going down according to some of the members of the community who have been here longer than I have." Code violations bring down the property values and make the area unsafe. So Patricia signed up to participate in a pilot program run by the Mayor's Citizen's Service Center . "I'm just giving you this information today, so that you'll be aware of why we're in the neighborhood and not be upset when we put these on your door knobs." The program arms community members with information to give their neighbors about the laws many homeowners break. It also helps residents find out the right way to get rid of eyesores. "What we are trying to do is keep the community in a good state a repair. And not only that, but to bring the community together." "Alright nice to have met you. You have a great day. Bye!"