American Queen steamboat makes a comeback

NATCHEZ, Miss. (AP) - It was absent from Natchez for nearly five years. But the American Queen steamboat is back.

The American Queen made its first stop in Natchez under new ownership last week and was on its way back Monday.

The boat began its second cruise in New Orleans Thursday and has stopped in Oak Alley and St. Francisville, La., on its way to Natchez, according to The Natchez Democrat.

Monday's visit will be the last for the Queen for several weeks. The steamboat will do three tours on the upper Mississippi River, visiting Memphis and Cincinnati before it returns to Natchez on May 18. After that the steamboat will dock in Natchez weekly through late June.

The American Queen will be making its stop in Memphis on Thursday, April 26.   Tune into Action News 5 in the morning for complete coverage of the event, including live video, exclusive shots from the sky, and more.

Information from: The Natchez Democrat

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