Police: Pizza delivery driver steals customer's purse

(WMC-TV) - It was a pizza delivery. The family paid what was owed, but police say the driver helped herself to a tip.

"It's pretty unusual that the person would steal after delivering the pizza to you," said Lt. James Grigsby, Memphis Police Department.

But as unusual as it sounds, that is exactly what police say happened to one family on Sunday night.

Once the victims' pizza was delivered, a visitor went to leave the home, and noticed her purse was missing from her car.

Down the street, a neighbor's house is wired with video surveillance equipment. Those cameras captured the bizarre theft.

"The pizza was delivered to the house and as the delivery person was leaving, she looked over into the victim's car and saw the purse and took the purse from the car. And left," described Lt. Grigsby.

The purse contained $1,400. That is enough to warrant a felony theft charge.

By the time deliver driver Amanda Theobald returned to her store around the block, police were already waiting for her.

Lt. Grigsby wants people to remember to never leave valuables in your car.

"Most of these crimes are crimes of opportunity," explained Lt. Grigsby. "If the opportunity doesn't present itself, then the person will move on to the next place."

Theobald posted bond and was released from jail.

Dominos referred WMC-TV to its corporate office. The messages were not returned.

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