Rape victim speaks out against her accused attacker

(WMC-TV) - Police are looking for the man accused of raping a disabled woman in Forrest City, Arkansas.

The victim wanted to talk on camera because she wanted her story out there as a warning and she wants the suspect caught.

"I want to see him picked up and put away but I hope he goes through the same ordeal he put me through. I really do hope that," said Sue Wright, victim.

Wright, holding one of her grandchildren, bravely spoke with WMC-TV about being raped last week in her Forrest City home.

"Held hostage in her own home and basically used as a sex slave," said Forrest City Police Chief Edward Reynolds.

Wright says Edward Walker forced his way into her home and attacked her for at least two hours.

"He held a knife to me the whole time. It was going on to my throat," she explained.

Wright says Walker threatened to kill her if she told anyone, including police.

Wright said she does not know Walker but police developed him as a suspect from a description. He has a record, has served time and is known in the area.

Police say Walker is a possible suspect in other crimes.

"We are currently investigating the strong possibility that the same individual has been involved in other violent crimes in the area," said Chief Reynolds.

Sue Wright just wants him caught.

"I don't want to see any other woman, children anyone put through that," she said.

Forrest City police believe Edward Walker is still in the area. They are hoping someone will turn him in.