N. Mississippi toddler will be on 'Toddlers and Tiaras'

(WMC-TV) - A North Mississippi toddler will soon be on a nationwide television hit.

Ava McClamroch isn't even two years old yet, but she's about to be on TLC's "Toddlers and Tiaras".

The McClamroch family lives just north of Corinth, Mississippi in Alcorn County.

"They contacted me about the first week of April I was shocked," said Ava's mother Jessica McClamroch.

Ava is running out of space for trophies and ribbons in her room.

She has been competing in various pageants for the past year before she was chosen to be on the show.

Her father Chad admitted he had not seen the show until his wife applied for their daughter.

"I never heard of the show until this came about and I've watched bits and pieces of it," Chad McClamroch said.

The film crew followed Eva around in Corinth for a few days and then at her pageant this past weekend in Gatlinburg.

"They came in her hotel room, they cover every little thing," Jessica McClamroch recalled.

Due to agreements with the show, the family was not able to talk about much of the filming since the episode has not aired.

Lucky for her father, Ava spends as much time outside with him as she does inside with Jessica for the pageants.

In fact if you ask Eva, she would rather be wearing a helmet than a crown, it's become humorous family battle, but Ava's not picking sides.

"On Saturday afternoons we do pageants and then on Sunday afternoons she goes mud riding," said Jessica McClamroch.

When Ava tried to ride with her father Tuesday, he had to get Jessica's help removing the bow before he could put on her helmet.

"She absolutely loves riding four wheelers and ATVs," said Chad McClamroch.

If you look at Ava's smile for the camera, you will see why Jessica insists she has just as much love for the stage.

"We had fun, we really did. I can't wait for the show to air," Jessica McClamroch continued. " I really can't, it's going to be fun."

The McClamroch family said that the episode should air in the next four to six months.

Depending on their viewers' response, TLC may choose to film Ava in additional pageants or episodes.