Viewers report foul odor in east Memphis

(WMC-TV) – It smelled normal in east Memphis Tuesday afternoon, but it was a different story in the morning, judging on the multiple e-mails we received from our viewers.

"I've never smelled that before. Here," said Mike Ross-Sprang, who was in the area.

From Brookhaven Circle to Target's Circles, a foul odor in the air encircled this part of east Memphis.

By the time WMC-TV arrived, the stink had dissipated. But the e-mails into our newsroom described a morning unsatisfactory to the olfactory.

It smelled like tuna fish. That was the most common claim into our newsroom. But, why? What's the reason behind that stench?

One person told us it was a White Station High senior prank. Others swear it was the trash.

Experts said that everything that would have put off an aroma already bloomed weeks ago.

Sandra Henderson works for an environmental testing company, but even she cannot clear the air.

"But we've had no calls today at all about the air," said Henderson.

City crews investigating the problem found nothing. The Shelby County Health Department encountered the same results, but they are now on alert in case it happens again.

Though those who live and work in the area just hope the smell has been "scent" away forever.

If you have any idea what the terrible scent might have been, we would like to hear from you. Leave your comments at the bottom of this story.