Local attorney claims police must meet ticket quotas

(WMC-TV) - By now, you have likely noticed the Memphis Police Department's more aggressive approach to traffic enforcement.

Now, one man claims to have gotten complaints from inside the department. That they are breaking the law by operating under a quota system.

Memphis police acknowledge the obviously increased activity, citing countless complaints about reckless drivers, and overzealous speeders.

But on Facebook, Javier Bailey says he had a recent conversation with a group of cops upset by recent punishment.

He claims, "Their supervisors imposed quotas on them and when they did not meet the quotas, they were disciplined."

The post generated plenty of discussion. Bailey did not grant WMC-TV's request for an interview, but reiterated that there is a group of officers upset because they were disciplined for not writing enough tickets.

The Memphis Police Department says it expects officers to perform their duties when on their shift, but that it does not condone ticket quotas. The department says precinct supervisors know quotas not only violate department policy, but state law bans requirements for "a predetermined or specified number of traffic citations within a specified period."

The Memphis Police Association pointed that out last year, when some claimed officers were not writing enough tickets.

In this case, the MPA says it has not gotten any reports or complaints from members about ticket quotas.

Memphis Police Department has no information to suggest there is a quota system in place. The MPA says any officer given a quota or disciplined because of it should contact the union so it can be handled appropriately.

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