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Is it a ticket to paradise? Or a Ticket to Trouble?

Andy Wise Andy Wise

A travel product that is accused of being deceptive.  A travel club that will not cooperate.  A free travel offer that is not free

Action News 5's Chief Consumer Investigator Andy Wise's special report will focus on a travel club that has been set up in a mid-south hotel.  People who paid up-front to get a travel deal are regretting that decision.

"I sent a receipt request in certified mail Monday and I called them Monday.  It was day one of the three business days to cancel," said a woman who paid to be part of the travel club.  "The woman that I spoke with said 'Yeah I received your e-mail, we'll go ahead and cancel your contract.' And I said 'I want to make sure I'm not charged this $2,400.' And she said 'Yeah, we'll go ahead and void it.'  And two days later it showed up on my credit card.

Watch this story Thursday at 10 p.m. to learn what you need to know before you buy a Ticket to Trouble.

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