Man accused of shooting at boss over tractor

(WMC-TV) - In an area where farmland wraps the countryside, it is no surprise that farming related arguments pop up between those who work the land.  This time, though, things turned violent.

"This is a quiet neighborhood we don't ever have any trouble," said James Dowell.

Dowell did see a troubling scene Saturday, when Tipton County sheriff's deputies arrived at his neighbor's house.

The deputies were called to the home of Nathaniel Page by two farmers who said Page fired multiple rounds at them from a .22 caliber rifle. They were at the house to pick up a tractor one of them owned when Page opened the door and started shooting.

When deputies arrived on the scene, Page was not home. He was later found walking down Charleston Mason road, about a mile and a half away.

They say he was intoxicated and looking for more booze.

Page is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of reckless endangerment, and felon in possession of a firearm. The rifle used was found in his house.

"I'd see him every day. I know he drank heavy," said Dowell. "Sometime he'd come down here but he drank pretty good."

Page remains behind bars and is likely unemployed, as one of the men he shot at was his boss.

It is still unclear as to why Page had the tractor on his property.

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