Quick thinking leads to bicycle thief arrests

(WMC-TV) – It is hard to use the bike lanes if your ride has been stolen. That happened to one avid cyclist, but he was recently reunited with his custom made bike, thanks to a luckless move by two dumb criminals.

John Houseal is a loyal customer of the Peddler Bike Shop on Highland Street, where he purchased and services his $9,000 Trek Madone 6.9.

On Tuesday, his bike was stolen from his car, which was parked on his gated property just off of East Parkway Street.

On Wednesday, a complete stranger walked into the Peddler Bike Shop and tried to peddle Houseal's pedals for $1,500.

"Our head mechanic, Bobby, he even assembled the bike when it arrived, so we knew right off the bat what was going on," said Andy Jameson, Peddler Bike Shop. "We were trying to remain calm and not let him know what was going on."

Within minutes, police arrested Robert Maness. He told them he was merely selling the bike on behalf of Quentin Hollmon, who had given Maness a ride to the bike shop. He was found in his car nearby.

"Sometimes greed overcomes people's intelligence," said bike owner John Houseal.

Houseal says he's glad to have his bike back intact.

The bike shop says people try to sell them stolen bicycles all of the time. They suggest copying down your bike's serial number.

Houseal says he is very pleased, not only with the Peddler Bike Shop, but also the Memphis Police Department.

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