Officer under investigation for police brutality

(WMC-TV) - The sign posted outside a club in Clarksdale says it all, "Come in peace or leave with police." But a Mississippi cop is now under investigation after Queston Skipper claims he was the victim of police brutality.

Skipper's face is bruised and battered. He has since filed assault charges against Clarksdale police officer Jerry Rodgers.

Skipper says he was assaulted after Rodgers arrested him. The city attorney, Curtis Boschert, says he was trying to enter the club after he had been told to go home.

Skipper's attorney, Ellis Pittman, is trying to understand how her client's face became bruised when police have several other ways to stop someone at their disposal.

"My hands are behind my back and they're cuffed," Pittman goes on. "You got a taxer, pepper spray, all these other things, but I end up with my face all torn to pieces."

Boschert says just because someone is handcuffed, does not mean they cannot resist arrest.

Unlike Skipper, who has several misdemeanors on his record, including assault convictions, the officer being accused of brutality, Rodgers, has a clean record and no complaints against him.

"I've read the affidavits and things that were filed and there is nothing that says Queston attempted to attack this officer," said Pittman.

Officer Rodgers is currently on paid administrative leave pending an FBI investigation.