Woman arrested for trying to pawn stolen bracelet

Sharina Burnett, Photo: Shelby County Jail.
Sharina Burnett, Photo: Shelby County Jail.

(WMC-TV) – It has been one week since a jewelry store near Poplar Avenue and Mendenhall Road was robbed of $10,000 worth of jewelry. Police arrested one woman in connection with the crime, but they are still looking for more information about the other people involved.

Sharina Burnett is charged with theft after she confessed to pawning a stolen bracelet for thousands of dollars. Even though she sold it for thousands, police say she sold it for half of its actual value.

The bracelet she pawned was one that was stolen from Handiwork Jewelry last week. The crooks got away with $10,000 worth of jewelry after restraining employees and threatening them with a taser.

Burnett is charged with theft for selling the stolen item, but she is not charged with any counts of robbery.

The suspects destroyed the store's surveillance system during the robbery on Friday.

Police say that there were other people involved, but they did not say if there have been any other arrests in the case.

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