It's Grizzlies game day at The Pyramid

The Grizz are already thinking about after the buzzer and the playoffs. They don't come anymore meaningful than tonight's game. The Grizzlies , in their last regular season home game, really have the top four teams in the Western Conference keeping an eye on this game. A win tonight over the Timberwolves, would completely change the playoff scenario. Tonight could actually be a preview of the Grizzlies first round playoff matchup. If the Grizz can win tonight over the T-wolves, and San Antonio beats Denver, then the Grizzlies would play Minnesota in the first round. But the best chance is Memphis will play San Antonio. Regardless, Coach Hubie Brown has been around this block before and knows tonight's game is the most important one on the schedule.

Everyone wants to know if the Grizzlies could play Jerry West's old team, the Lakers. Well, there is a chance, but it's a slim one, and a lot of things would have to happen. Regardless of whether Memphis wins or loses, if San Antonio loses, and the Kings and Lakers win, then the Grizzlies would face Los Angeles. It's confusing, but we'll know the answer to this equation soon enough.

It's the Grizzlies versus the T-Wolves tonight. Tip-off is at 7'clock, live at The Pyramid.

Fans are ready for the Grizzlies big game tonight. At noon more than 100 Grizzlies fans lined up at The Pyramid to nab 500 five-dollar tickets. They sold out fast. Don't worry, there are still regular priced tickets available for tonight's game. Or you can stay at home and watch the Grizzlies take on the Minnesota Timberwolves on TV-5. Then stay tuned After the Buzzer. Join Jarvis Greer and the Action News Five Sports Team for all the post-game action and a look ahead to the playoffs. That's AFTER THE BUZZER tonight on TV-5.