Many wonder what will happen to Ramesses commemorative bricks

(WMC-TV) – Many have been wondering what will happen to the commemorative bricks that went along with the Statue of Ramesses when it was erected in 1991.

Last week, the statue was moved to the University of Memphis campus, and now, it is time for the bricks to go.

Rebecca Cowan was one of several people who heard the bricks were going to be removed. She ran down to the pyramid to find out what was going to happen to the brick she sponsored in honor of her daughter, who later died in a boating accident.

"I never thought the brick would mean so much to me, so I'm down here trying to find her brick so I can have a little piece of her back," explained Cowan.

City officials already removed the bricks, but they tell WMC-TV that they will not be destroyed. Crews removed them and they are being kept in a special place while they make a decision about what to do with them.

According to a spokeswoman, city leaders are in the process of talking with the University of Memphis to see if the bricks can be on display there with the statue.

The bricks and statue were removed from the pyramid because the facility is being converted into a Bass Pro Shops megastore.

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