Teens develop program to help cut the costs of prescription medication for seniors

"Hi we're looking for Miss Willa Horton. You are? Miss Horton, we're with MIFA's Helping Hands, we came to deliver a meal to you." Along with the meal, these teens are delivering something extremely valuable. "This is a booklet and it has information about how you can get free and reduced medication. And if you get some (I need some help!) we got it just so that you could get some help." MIFA Helping Hands is a group of teens dedicated to serving the community. They wanted to do more to help the seniors they visit. So they came up with a radical idea. "I thought we should buy their medicine. Miss Nelson said that was a crazy idea. But later she took it to the board members and they thought it was not such a crazy idea." So instead of picking up the bill; the teens decided to pass out information. They researched and published "Operation Affordable Medicine." The booklet helps seniors cut the high cost of medication. "My granddaddy, he's sick and he has to pay like $400 a month just for one medicine. And he can barely afford that. So, I mean, there are places out there they can help them, and people need to know about that." said Helping Hands volunteer Amber Ingram. The booklet contains information about programs that help people with heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes get free or low cost medication. That can make all the difference to a person living on a fixed income.