COLUMN: Andrew Douglas takes on LA writer who trashes Memphis

Andrew Douglas
Andrew Douglas

(WMC-TV) – Grizzlies' fans are livid after a writer in Los Angeles said that Memphis stinks and that the people do not bathe.

The Los Angeles Times column comes after a heartbreaking loss on Sunday night in the playoffs.

"Imagine waking up here Monday morning and realizing you really are a loser. And now everyone in the country who watches TNT or ESPN knows you're a loser, your team built on grit, grind and 'Believe Memphis,' but rolling over like a submissive dog when pressured."

And those are just the two first sentences of former Memphian T.J. Simers' article.

I got Simers on the phone Tuesday afternoon.

"Man, you are trying to start something here, T.J.!" I said.

Simers responded, "No, everything I do is tongue in cheek."

In the article, Simers wrote, "I worked in this Mid-South sweatbox 32 years ago, never returning until forced to do so now. But I can tell you after all these years the place still smells like no one showers."

Even though Simers said the article is "tongue in cheek", I wasn't laughing, so I tried my own version of "tongue in cheek."

Simers: "I was just a little surprised at how rundown things were."

Me: "Because they're not rundown in Los Angeles, that's for sure."

Simers: "No, every building that we have in LA is new."

At the heart of his bitterness was a sports column in the Commercial Appeal, calling out the Clippers television broadcasting crew for saying it was a fluke that the Grizzlies beat the Spurs last year.

"This is all in the name of fun except when fun goes too far. That's all very simple, I have already had e-mails from people that want to beat the h--- out of me at the arena. Now, how much sense does that make?" Simers explained.

I'd say it makes about as much sense as the L.A. Clippers going all the way -- not much sense at all. Perhaps Simers should have focused on the game and team not the city or the people who live there.

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